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Customize Your Jeep!

We Can Customize Your Jeep!

  • Lift Kits

  • Front And Rear Aftermarket Bumpers

  • Side Steps

  • Wheel Flares

  • Other Aftermarket Pieces

  • Wheels And Tires

We do frame off restorations as well as undercoating for that added protection.
This is a customized jeep for one of our customers.

Body removed from Frame to prep the frame to prevent rust from destroying the frame- common with Jeeps if not taken care of.

CT&T Customized Jeeps

Total removal of body and engine. Undercoating of frame and added new tires and wheels.

CT&T Customized Jeeps

Engine and transmission reinstalled to frame prepping for body to be set back onto frame.

CT&T Customized Jeeps

The body is mounted back onto the frame

CT&T Customized Jeeps

Assembly almost completed.

CT&T Customized Jeeps

The finished project with custom bumpers added.

CT&T Customized Jeeps